Health Guarantee

Wolf River Bernedoodles represents and warrants to our Buyers that:

    • Seller is the legal and true owner of the Dog and that Seller has full right and authority to sell the Dog.

    • The Dog is being sold free and clear of any lien, security interest, charge or other encumbrance.

    • The Dog is in good health and free of communicable diseases at the time of this sale. Buyer has three (3) business days from the delivery date to have the Dog examined by a licensed veterinarian, at Buyer’s sole cost. If veterinarian should find this dog to have a life-threatening illness or disease (excluding parasites, coccidian or and easily treated illness, which could be brought on by the stress of being re-homed), or is found to have a life-altering genetic defect within three (3) business days of delivery, the buyer will have seven (7) days to return the puppy to the breeder, along with veterinarian record of illness or genetic defect. A full refund of the purchase price of the pet will be given. The breeder does have the option of having the diagnosis confirmed by a Veterinarian of her choice before a refund is issued.

    • The Dog is guaranteed to the original purchaser against debilitating or life-threatening hereditary/congenital diseases including hip dysplasia (mild – severe), vWD (affected), hereditary or debilitating cardiac issues and/ or hereditary/disabling eye diseases until he/she reaches two years of age. If the Buyer feeds the dog Life’s Abundance or pawTree dog food for the first year of his/her life, the health guarantee is extended from two to four years. Proper bite and/or umbilical hernias are not covered as they do not affect the “pet quality” of the dog and are not life-threatening. If this Dog is found to have a debilitating, life-threatening or hereditary/congenital disease, the Breeder will pay for medical expenses up to the purchase price of the Dog. This guarantee is void if the Dog is found to be overweight and/or not fed a quality diet. The Buyer also agrees to hold off on any strenuous, repetitive exercise (agility, long walks/hikes, etc.) until the dog is at least one (1) year of age, as this is hard on the hips/joints of large breed dogs and will void this warranty. Not included in this warranty are health issues caused by environmental factors such as allergies, autoimmune disorders, trauma, abuse, and failure to maintain the general health of the Dog. This health warranty is void if the Dog is transferred to a new owner before four (4) years of age.

    • To ensure that Buyer does not take the Dog to an animal shelter, Seller will take the Dog back at any time during the Dog’s lifetime. Seller will not issue a refund or provide another Dog to Buyer unless the Dog’s return was a result of any misrepresentation on the part of Seller with respect to the Dog’s health.

  • Seller will inform the Buyer of any change of address.