Available for Guardian Homes

Updated 09/27/22

Advantages of being a Guardian Home:

You receive a “pick-of-the-litter” puppy worth between $5,000 and $12,000 for free.
Our “pick” puppies have the finest confirmation, markings and temperament of their litter.
We provide top-notch food for the puppy/dog while it is part of our breeding program.
We pay for all reproduction Veterinary costs including the cost of spaying or neutering your puppy at the end of their breeding career.
We do the majority of the driving for breeding-related purposes attempting to make it as convenient as possible for our Guardian homes.
You have an opportunity to meet the puppies that your dog helped create.
Our puppies in Guardian Homes love to stay with us.
Your are providing support to a high quality, ethical breeding program.

Sophie x Prince Litter – born March 31, 2022

Puppies are Small Standard/Large Moyen Poodles (Standard Poodle x Standard Poodle).
Breed Mix: 100% Poodle
Expected weight: 35 – 50 pounds
Possible colors: deep red sable
Possible white markings: abstract white markings
Coat type: curly

Black Collar Female

Brown Collar Male – pending

Yellow Collar Female