Welcome to Wolf River Bernedoodles LLC, The Midwest’s Premier Breeder of Bernedoodles. We take great pride in our dedication and passion for breeding one of the most popular new hybrid breeds (WI License #467004). Our commitment to excellence has earned us the prestigious title of being the #1 Bernedoodle Breeder in the State of Wisconsin by welovedoodles.com!!! Additionally, we have been recognized as one of the top breeders in the USA on www.doodlebreeders.us and www.trendingbreeds.com!!!

With years of experience and hard work, we have achieved remarkable success. The Bernedoodle, a beautiful blend of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle, possesses the finest qualities of both breeds. At Wolf River Bernedoodles, we specialize in breeding Bernedoodles and various delightful variations. Our puppies come in a range of sizes, colors, and coat patterns, offering you a wide selection. We take pride in our breeding lines, which originate from our own Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles, ensuring the use of healthy dogs with exceptional temperaments throughout our program.

We believe that a puppy’s early experiences shape their future behavior and temperament. That’s why we have implemented various programs and methods to ensure that our puppies receive the best care and socialization. The Badass Breeder Curriculum and Midwoofery Curriculum contribute to the well-rounded development and emotional resilience of our puppies. If you’re looking for a Bernedoodle puppy that is not only healthy but also well-adjusted and ready to be a part of your family, Wolf River Bernedoodles is the place to find your lifelong companion. To learn more about our wonderful dogs, check out our website!

Available Puppies Ready to Go Now (Sale Priced!!!)...

Zelda & Prince Puppies

Tan Collar Male

Turquoise Collar Male

Available Puppies Ready To Go July 6th...

Basil & Ripley Puppies

Forest Collar Male

Red Collar Male

Izzy & Chester Puppy

Gold Collar Female

What sets us apart as a breeder?

  • All of our breeding dogs have gone through extensive health testing (hips/heart/elbow/patellas/thyroid). If a dog doesn’t meet our high standards, he/she does not become a part of our breeding program.
  • We specialize by only breeding Bernese mixes and, very occasionally, Bernese Mountain Dogs or Poodles. We are the first, or one of the first, high quality breeders in Wisconsin to breed Bernedoodles. We have a tremendous amount of experience with this breed.
  • We value health and temperament much more than coat color in our breeding dogs and puppies.
  • We are very transparent and ethical in all aspects of our breeding business, including how we market our dogs.
  • We do a variety of DNA testing on all of our breeding dogs for diseases, genetic ancestry, traits, body features, and body size.
  • Many of our dogs have gone on to become emotional support, therapy, or service dogs. We have donated a number of dogs to charitable organizations.
  • Our puppies come with a two-year health guarantee. We will extend this guarantee to four years if puppy owners use Life’s Abundance dog food for their puppy’s first year.  Life’s Abundance is a top-tier high quality food. We stand behind our guarantee, and often go above and beyond what we say we will do.
  • Our puppies undergo early neurological stimulation and sound desensitization. We live near a railway and an airport, in addition to having multiple pets, so there is a lot of noise here.
  • Our puppies are introduced to various places and surfaces. They are also taken on car rides, with the longest ride to visit our licensed Veterinarian (specialty in canine reproduction and neonatology) for a thorough Puppy Check.
  • Puppies are raised in our house and receive lots of love while they are with us.


Say “hello” to Reggie, the Bernedoodle. We almost couldn’t believe he’s almost eight-months-old, because he was so well behaved on his first visit to Katzenbarkers.

Our dog went to his Vet appointment today and received a very clean bill of health. She asked where we purchased him from and we gave her your name. She said kudos to you for producing a beautiful puppy! They marveled at his calm and easy-going behavior. Such a sweet boy.

From: Brad & Kristen L.

Just wanted to give you an update. Scout (Pink Collar) is doing amazing fitting into our family. Can’t imagine her ever not being in our family. Even the cat loves her! She is so smart and we love to see her learn so easily. She is great with the neighborhood kids, and the other neighborhood pets. She comes to Farmers Market with us and sleeps right at my feet. We love her!!!

From Margaux M.

I have to say “Thank You” again for providing me with this precious little guy. In two days he’s brought more joy in my life than I ever would have imagined. He went for a boat ride yesterday and was not one bit scared. We took him to town yesterday and I met a couple that recognized the breed. Amazingly they have a dog from you! They spoke very highly of you.

From: Nan U.

Thank you again for making our home compete with Charlie. He is adjusting very well and loving all the attention. We couldn’t be happier.

From: Heather R.


Winston is the most popular dog in Doggie Daycare on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Everybody loves him! He is well trained and loves to retrieve balls.

From: Gillian C.

We named our puppy Reece James. He just turned five months and we are so incredibly in love with him. He’s so smart and stubborn. He knows how to have a good time like his mom, but can mellow out like his dad. He loves all people and every dog. He is so patient with kids, it’s amazing! Also, he’s the cuddliest dog I’ve ever had!! He’s potty trained and about 30 pounds so we’re excited to see how much bigger he gets!

From: Tierney W.

We absolutely love your dear Heidi. And we are constantly stopped by people admiring her. Wonderful disposition.

From: Larry & Sandy S.

Our puppies are in many states throughout the United States:

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