Welcome to my website! My name is Brenda Widmer Wilz and I am a passionate breeder of Bernedoodles. I have been a dog lover for my entire life and my goal is to breed healthy, happy dogs that become cherished members of their forever families.

At Wolf River Bernedoodles, we pay attention to the finer details of dog breeding. Puppies are raised in our home along with our menagerie of pets. They are socialized from the day they are born. We expose them to real life experiences that are aimed at making the transition from our home to your home a smooth one.

Our parent dogs go through extensive health, trait, and temperament testing. If a dog does not meet our high standards, it does not become a part of our breeding program. And although there are no guarantees when dealing with nature, our chances for success are greatly improved by carefully selecting dogs to become part of our breeding program.

Please be sure to visit the pages on my website. Each page contains a great deal of valuable information. Thank you for your interest in our Bernedoodle puppies!