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Wisconsin's Premier Breeder of Bernedoodles

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Welcome to Wolf River Bernedoodles, Wisconsin’s premier breeder of one of the most popular new hybrid breeds. The Bernedoodle combines the traits of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle to preserve the best traits of both breeds.


The ideal companion dog or family dog, Bernedoodles are known for…

  • Low-shedding to no-shedding coat
  • Fun, friendly, playful (goofy) disposition
  • Social nature (with people, kids, and other pets)
  • Gorgeous coloring and markings
  • Moderate activity level
  • Deep loyalty to family
  • High intelligence

Bernedoodles exhibit excellent hybrid vigor which means better health and longer lifespans than purebred dogs. Before selection for breeding, all potential parent dogs are tested to ensure you and your puppy enjoy long, healthy, happy life together. Our testing includes:

Veterinarian Certified-Patellas
Veterinarian Certified-Heart
Veterinarian Tested-Thyroid
Genetic Health Testing
Genetic Trait Testing

Bernedoodle puppies are one-of-a-kind dogs with an uncommon desire to be a part of your family. From romping in the yard to relaxing on the couch, Bernedoodles are the perfect new addition to any family with lots of love to share. To learn more about these wonderful dogs, check out our website!

Our puppies are in many states throughout the United States:

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