Waiting List

The question we get asked more than any other question is, “How long do I have to wait to get one of your puppies?” The best answer to this question is, “It depends.”  Because we have so many different variations in puppy types, it is important to remember that not everyone is looking for the same thing in terms of coat-type, color, size, generation, timing, etc. of a Bernedoodle puppy. So while our list seems long, the more flexible you are, the sooner you will receive one of our puppies. Because we have several litters planned, we will have more puppies available in the very near future!

We have one Master Waiting List. Everyone on this list is in line for a puppy from Wolf River Bernedoodles. When your $500 non-refundable deposit is received, you are added to the Master Waiting List. As a breeder, we retain the right to keep up to two puppies from each litter. There are times when we will not keep a puppy from a litter as well.

Placing your name in this list puts you in the queue for a puppy. When puppies from our current litter reach four weeks of age, we ask people on the Waiting List if they are interested in a puppy from the current litter. Once we have a list of those who are interested in the current litter, we set up a schedule for puppy picking when the puppies are about four or five weeks old. Puppy picking can be done in person or remotely through the use of either Facetime or Skype. Your name will remain in order on the Master Waiting List until you physically have a puppy from Wolf River Bernedoodles in your arms. If, for whatever reason, you do not select a puppy from the current litter, your name remains in order on the Master List and you may choose from another upcoming litter. Puppies are able to be picked up to go to their Forever Home when they are seven weeks old. If your puppy is to be sent to you via air or ground transportation, they need to be eight weeks old.

Master Waiting List (Breeder may keep up to two puppies per litter):

1. David & Tamra G. (Standard)
2. Dan R. (60 to 80 pounds)
3. Alexis R. (20 to 60 pounds)
4. Alex S. (20 to 60 pounds)
5. Simah L. (40 to 60 pounds)
6. Andrew M. (60 to 80 pounds)
7. Dan & Christina H. (20 to 60 pounds)
8. Matt S. (60 to 80 pounds)
9. Joshua E. (20 to 60 pounds)
10. Krystyna N. (20 to 60 pounds)
11. Stacy S. (20 to 60 pounds)
12. Dayna D. (20 to 40 pounds)
13. Carleigh S. (20 to 60 pounds)
14. Suzanne C. (20 to 60 pounds)
15. Kendall C. (20 to 60 pounds)
16. Kris D. (20 to 40 pounds)
17. Lindsay B. (20 to 40 pounds)
18. Deana P. (20 to 40 pounds)
19. Steven A. (40 to 60 pounds)
20. Bobbi K. (20 to 60 pounds)
21. Anna M. (60 to 80 pounds)
22. Melissa W. (40 to 60 pounds)
23. Benjamin B.
24. Dave N. (60 to 80 pounds)
25. Dawn R. (40 to 80 pounds)
26. Kristian N. (40 to 80 pounds)
27. Mattie I. (40 to 60 pounds)
28. John B. (20 to 60 pounds)
29. Kyle & Brianne M. (40 to 80 pounds)
30. Sarah W. (20 to 60 pounds)
31. Kelly B. (60 to 80 pounds)
32. Alexander N. (40 to 80 pounds)
33. Paige D. (20 to 60 pounds)
34. Lori & Mike P. (20 to 40 pounds)