Available Bernedoodle Puppies

Updated 06/07/23

We have already gone through our Waiting List so these puppies are available to the public. Lot’s of beautiful choices with wonderful temperaments!!!

Gracie x Chester Litter – born 02/08/23

Petite Mini Golden Bernedoodles
Breed Mix: 78.7% Poodle, 15.7% Bernese Mountain Dog, 5.6% Golden Retriever
Expected weight: 20 to 35 pounds
Colors: brown tri-color parti (more than 50% white)
Coat type: wavy
Puppies from this litter can go to their Forever Homes on or after April 8, 2023.
Cost: $3,200

Yellow Collar Female

Yellow Collar Female

Millie x Leinie Litter – born 04/02/23

Larger Mini Golden Bernedoodles
Breed Mix: 38.8% Poodle (small), 34.5% Bernese Mountain Dog, 19.5% Poodle (Standard), 7.2% Golden Retriever
Expected weight: 30 to 45 pounds
Possible colors: brown tri-color
White markings: white Bernese markings
Coat type: straight, wavy or curly
There are four males and three females in this litter.
Puppy Picking for this litter is on May 20, 2023.
Puppies can go to their Forever Homes on or after June 3, 2023.

Black Collar Male

Blue Collar Male – pending

Gray Collar Male – pending

Green Collar Male