Puppy Purchase Process

Our Puppy Purchase Process follows:

      1. A potential customer contacts us through our website, Facebook, email or via phone.
      2. The customer completes an online Puppy Application. Our application can be found here:
      3. The Puppy Application is reviewed and either approved, not approved, or further clarification may be requested to one or more answers on the Puppy Application. If the application isn’t approved, the Process is completed at this point.
      4. If the application is approved, the customer places a non-refundable deposit of $500. This $500 is applied to the purchase price of the puppy.
      5. The customer is added to the Master Waiting List.
      6. When puppies from the current litter reach four weeks of age, they are bathed for the first time. We then take pictures of the puppies which are posted on our website and in Facebook.
      7. Customers on the Master Waiting List are contacted to see who is interested in the current litter. Customers have the option to be part of the picking process for the current litter or they can pass on the current litter. We may have enough puppies available for everyone on the Waiting List who wants one, or we may not.
      8. We put together a Puppy Picking List for the current litter based on the number of available puppies in the litter and the order of customers on the Master Waiting List.
      9. Puppy Picking and Pickup happen on the first Saturday when the puppies are seven weeks old.
      10. Once a puppy is selected, the customer signs a Dog Sales Contract and pays for the remainder of the purchase price of the puppy. Payment can be made in cash, by check or through Venmo or PayPal.
      11. Puppies can go to their Forever Homes when they seven weeks old if they are picked up at our house. If puppies are traveling via air cabin to another state, they need to be eight weeks old.