Available Puppies

Updated 01/16/22

Maggie x Prince Litter – born 09/23/21

Puppies are Golden Bernedoodles (Golden Bernedoodle x Poodle).
Breed Mix: 85.3% Poodle, 8.4% Golden Retriever, 6.3% Bernese Mountain Dog
Expected weight: 40 to 55 pounds
Possible colors: black tri-colored, black sable, black tri-colored w/blue Merle, black sable w/blue Merle
White markings: white abstract markings
Coat type: wavy or curly
Price: $2,000
Available now!

Purple Collar Female

Yellow Collar Female

Sophie x Prince Litter – born 10/10/21

Puppies are large Moyen or small Standard Poodles (Standard Poodle x Moyen Poodle).
Breed Mix: 100% Poodle
Expected weight: 40 to 60 pounds
Possible colors: black phantom, black sable w/blue Merle, brown sable w/Red Merle
White markings: white abstract markings
Coat type: curly
Puppy pickup for this litter will be on or after December 4, 2021.
Price: $1,500
Available now!

Black Collar Male

Blue Collar Male

Green Collar Male

Red Collar Male – pending

Scarlett x Litter – born 11/08/21

Puppy is Multigen Bernedoodle (Multigen Bernedoodle x Multigen Bernedoodle).
Breed Mix: 64.8% Poodle, 32.6% Bernese Mountain Dog, 1.5% Labrador Retriever, 1.1% Cocker Spaniel
Expected weight: 30 to 45 pounds
Possible colors: brown phantom
White markings: white Bernese Markings
Coat type: curly
Price: $3,200
Available now!

Yellow Collar Female